Thursday, February 18, 2010

MOBS & Gift That Angel Send : Shower of Love Contest

My name : Zalina Wati
Baby's Name : Amyra Nur Aimy
Baby's Age : 7 month
Baby's Gender : Girl
Aimy masa baru2 lahir, tali pusat x tanggal lagi, kalau mandi meraung tak ingat! Tapi lepas tali pusat dah tanggal, diam jer kalau mandi. Kenapa ek? sakit agaknya pusat Aimy masa tu. Sekarang suka sangat kalau mandi :)

"Showers of Love Contest"This time it's brought to you by MOBS & Gift That Angel Send
Here's the simple rules...
1. Be a FAN on FACEBOOK for
MOBS & Gift That Angel Send
2. Or else, subscribe to
Gift That Angel Send - FEEDBURNER (check their sidebar and key in your email address)
3. Be a follower of
MOBS and/or add MOBS to your blogroll
4. Blog about this contest with the title"MOBS & Gift That Angel Send : Showers of Love Contest"
5. Choose a pic of your baby (0-5yrs) with the above theme ... taking shower in a tub (pls no nude pics ya)... hehehe.Don't forget to add
Your name:
Baby's name:
Baby's age:
Baby's gender:
Your email address:and tell us a bit about your baby.
6. Add the contest banner to your blog sidebar with link back to this contest.
7. Leave your blog link entry + email here :)


  1. salam... cute nye baby :) dok bukit beruntung ke? sama la kita, i kat jln tulip.. u?.... :p do visit my blog k.. :p

  2. salam mama eja,
    dah jenguk blog awak. cutenya baby assyura..sedap nama tu. saya duk MK :)

  3. comeyy comeyyy! good luck! wahhhh... 'cat' rumah baru nih..! Sempena chinese new year kerr.. heheheheh

  4. Hi,

    This is from the sponsor. Thank you for your entry. We will update you once we have the winner list.

    Thank you and have a nice day


  5. wah...tahniah. gambo aimy ni menang 2nd prize le. ehhehe...


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